Saturday, March 28, 2009

High School... just like I remember it.

So, I went to a local high-school to give a presentation to a grade 11 Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology class about majoring in Psychology. I actually covered two classes in back to back periods.
The first group was pretty good. A lot of them were quiet, but a handful of people asked lots of questions and all of them were clearly interested and engaged. Actually a lot of their questions had nothing to do with psychology at all and were more about what's university like, how do I decide between college and university, etc... I was happy to talk about whatever they wanted to. It was for their benefit, so I thought it was probably best to just roll with whatever they wanted to talk about.
But the second class... talk about a tough crowd!!!
One guy, who was sitting right up front (!), fell asleep and wasn't even pretending to be listening. Everyone else seemed to be half listening, but mostly not. And no one asked a single question. Lucky for them I'm chatty enough to fill the gaps, and I just basically was like "This is what the other class asked me, and here's what I told them..."
Anyway, it was two painless hours and if it helped one of them by easing their fears of the unknown then it was well worth it. Plus, the two teachers were thrilled. They gave me a really nice Thank You card, along with a coffee mug that has the school's crest and a gift certificate for Tim Horton's!! I wasn't expecting anything so I was absolutely thrilled.

And, since this IS my occupational therapy student blog I feel that I should at least mention something OT related... here it goes:

In about one week (give or take a few days... they're kind of fuzzy about it) I'll find out if I got an interview at McMaster!!! Incidentally, my thesis is also due in one week :s *freaks out*

Wish me luck on all counts! I'm going to need it. :)


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