Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MMI - Scenario Three

Station 3: Air Travel (Communication Skills)

Your company needs both you and a co-worker (Sara, a colleague from another branch of the company) to attend a critical business meeting in San Diego. You have just arrived to drive Sara to the airport. Sara is in the room.

SweetPea ~ This one is observed by the "interviewer" who just watches the interaction between you and an actor. What is not said here is that when you get into the room Sara is going to be really upset. She will reveal that she is scared to fly, and though she has travelled a lot in the past she has not been on a plane since the tragedy of 9/11. I only know this additional information because this scenario was used as an example in the training manual I linked earlier. I think it's safe to say that in any of these interactive scenarios we can expect that the situation we walk into will not be entirely what is on the description we're given in advance.

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