Friday, April 3, 2009

Wait... just a little bit longer...

Well, I hoped that the invitation to an admissions interview for the McMaster occupational therapy program would be waiting in my mailbox for me when I awoke this morning. It wasn't. And it didn't show up any of the times when I refreshed the mailbox at 5 minute intervals throughout my day, lol. I'm pretty sure I'll get one, because my GPA is well above the cut-off score that's been used in recent years, but I was still hoping for that little bit of validation that says "We think you might be good enough."

And I really need that validation right now. I've been working non-stop on my thesis for the last two weeks. And when I say non-stop, I mean 12-14 hour days of sitting and analyzing and typing and editing SO much that my back is aching and my hamstrings want to murder me.
Anyone who thinks that qualitative research is easier than quantitative should really have their head checked.

I have loved my undergraduate thesis all along... I have wonderful advisors and a really great topic. I enjoyed the lit review, and I loved conducting the interviews. But I am SO SICK of trying to write up these results that it's really tempting to just run up the white flag and say "I'm done!"
And just to give it some perspective, so that people know I'm not just being a whiner, the typical undergrad thesis is approximately 60 pages. They get into the 80-100 page range when it's qualitative, just because quotes take more space than stats do. But my thesis is going to be in the 270+ page range -_-
Because it's the "best use of my skills" or some crap that's supposed to make me feel better about writing a thesis so big it will need to be published in a two volume set.
*CRY*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be really glad when this is all over.

On a positive note, I've been given more information about the McMaster interviews (thanks AW!!) and I'll be posting about that once I receive my invitation.

Also, did anyone else notice the slick new updates to the Mac School of Rehab Sciences webpage that went up today? It's really nice and FAR easier to navigate.
Check it out! Fancy, Re-designed, Mac Page

See you on the flip-side of my thesis!!


  1. hey! I came across your blog aka journey while doing a google search for mcmaster OT interviews.. I am also one of those people desperately waiting to hear whether they think i'm good enough for an interview, haha.
    hopefully we'll hear soon..
    best of luck to you!!

  2. Thanks Danielle! Good luck to you too!
    If you'd like, send me an email when you get your invitation to an interview. I'm happy to share info/tips.

  3. hey! thank you, i would really appreciate some info/tips when (and if) i get an interview invitation!
    I'm not sure of your e-mail address, though.
    *hopefully tomorrow we'll hear

  4. did you get your email??

  5. I did!! I hope you did too... send me an email at :)

  6. OMG I got into Mac, see you guys in the fall!

  7. Congrats anonymous poster!!
    Send me an email... we're probably going to be classmates next year!!