Thursday, November 26, 2009

November Update

Wow! So, it's been a month since my last post... which was not my intention at all. I must confess that since beginning the Masters program I find that my time management has not been up to par, mostly because it's just so different from how things were in undergrad I think. Also, I've been experimenting with not having internet at home! :o
So far it's been pretty good. I get all my email on my phone so I'm in the loop, and I spend a lot more time reading books or getting out of the house to see friends face-to-face rather than wasting time surfing the net and streaming video. But I admit... I miss it. I miss it a lot. And my blogging has suffered from the lack of convenience. I think I'm going to try and stick it out though, just to prove to myself that I can. I was spending a lot of time on the net, which is not great. Plus, I have a more pragmatic reason for the decision...
I'm going North to Thunder Bay for Term 3!!!!
That's right... I was selected in the lottery to spend the third term, academic and placement, in NorthWestern Ontario. Me and 11 of my classmates will be going to Lakehead University to partake in the Northern experience! I'm really psyched about it :) So... because we'll be up there for the better part of 4 months it just doesn't make sense to set up net at this point. I'd be paying for it while I'm not even home!
I hope we'll have internet at the residences in Thunder Bay, so my blogging should get a bit more regular at that point and I will definitely be setting it up at my apartment when I get back. Until then I'm afraid my posts might be a bit spotty. I also know that there are a lot of people who are going to be putting their application packages together over the holidays and I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who is... feel free to email me if you have any questions about the application process, the profession, or the program. I'm sometimes a little slow to respond, but not too bad. And I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.


  1. Hey I emailed you yesterday about Thunder Bay and then when I was studying just now a lightbulb went off (unfortunately not about my psych homework). You were hoping for internet at the rez. If the rez is at lakehead, it is the weirdest thing EVER but wifi is BANNED at Lakehead!! They have outlets around school where you can plug in. The president of the school is worried wifi is a health risk, athough there are microwave towers for cell phones right on the property, and in his spare time he's on the advisory council for burying nuclear waste... anyway, you can get internet but you'll have to plug in :)

  2. Interesting comment about Lakehead^
    I was wondering when you sent in you app through orpas? This year's are due on January 8th, its the same online process you went through so its not like I have to send it through the mail. How far in advance do you advise ppl to send in their apps?

  3. I really enjoy reading your journals. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments and for reading my blog! Very curious information about Lakehead... seems so backward O_o

    As for when to send in your application to ORPAS, it doesn't really matter. I think I officially submitted mine the night before the due date. There isn't really an advantage to submitting it early, but you just want to make sure you don't forget to submit it on time the day it's due. I do however recommend that you work on it WELL in advance... to research and tweek your statements and give your referees lots of time to compose and mail their letters.
    Best of luck in your applications!!