Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I got off the fence! I signed on the dotted line. I paid my money. I'm filling out my forms.

McMaster, here I come!!

It seems like I may have put myself through the wringer for nothing, because I clearly was leaning toward Mac in the first place. But it was part of my process. I needed to "try on" the different options to make sure I purchased the one that fit... in a manner of speaking. I'm thrilled with my choice and I feel all the more certain about it for having really wrestled with the decision. As you can probably tell by the rest of my blog as well... I don't take these things lightly.

Anyway, now is the time for celebrating! I feel like I can finally enjoy the success of being admitted now that I don't have the big decision looming over me.

And for those of you on the wait list for Western and Queen's OT... one spot just opened up on each list!! Hang in there! ;)

If you're reading this and also become a member of the McMaster MSc OT Class of 2011, drop me an email! We're classmates!!



  1. hi
    im soo happy for you
    any idea how long queens waitlist is

  2. Thanks Anonymous poster!
    Unfortunately I don't know about the Queen's waitlist. Hopefully they will at least have told you what position you have on the list? I know that the first offers are due no later than June 5th, so the lists will start to move very shortly.
    Good Luck!

  3. :) :) :)

    - Shahla

  4. hey I just found out the other day that I got accepted to Mac, Western and U of A..having a hard time deciding but am leaning towards western..just wondering how you came to your decision to go to mcmaster and are you liking their program? thanks!