Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dear abandoned blog,

I have not forgotten you, dearest blog of mine. I was simply too busy to dedicate any time to writing. Now that I have some time, I am faced with some questions about what direction to take you in.

My earliest posts were all about the application and admissions process for the Masters of OT programs in Ontario and they remain as a solid resource for future applicants. But I am no longer a student and there are years of life and experience between where I was then and where I am now. I can't really speak to what the admission process is like these days; I don't even know if it has changed.

Now that I am working as an Occupational Therapist in adult mental health I would love to post about my work! I am passionate about what I do. I feel grateful to work with my clients and team members. But I don't think any of them want their confidentiality breached, which means I can't really write about my work except in the most general of terms.

So what's a girl to write about in her poor abandoned blog?

I'm not entirely sure yet... but I'm going to give it a go! With the intent of sharing the things I care passionately about and drawing attention to things where I feel the advocacy of occupational therapists would be a meaningful addition to the dialogue, I will follow my instinct and see if this little blog can find a new voice and momentum.

And thank YOU, dear readers, for taking a leap of faith and taking this journey with me.


  1. Welcome back!! I came across your blog a few years ago. I applied to OT two years ago and was waitlisted after my McMaster interview (and didn't get in). The following year I reapplied to McMaster, got an interview again, but decided to accept an offer of admission into a PhD program more related to my academic background. I still find myself thinking about OT as a career and am going to reapply this year.

    A mental health setting is one of my main areas of interest, so I hope to read a bit about what your experience in that field has been like!

  2. Hi,

    We're a small OT company and we've just set up a new OT video wall page on our site - we'd love to hear from any OT students who've found OT related videos that would be worth adding to help describe what OT is all about? The page is:

    We'd love to hear from any OT students who may of made any short videos that we could possibly showcase or maybe some who might be interested in making one to help us promote the profession?

    Thanks and hope you don't mind us sharing this through your blog?